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wendorf“This is the book we have been waiting for, synthesizing the head and the heart issues in dyslexia. Our organization supports millions of parents of kids looking for information on dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities each year; Ben’s step-by-step guide will become a go-to resource for them.”  – James Wendorf, Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilitie

ckoochek_3“Foss has used his journey to provide readers with a unique and insightful view of the strengths and challenges that come with being dyslexic. The talent and creativity with which Ben has written this book make it stand out as a guide to navigating the remarkable world of dyslexia.”—Claudia Koockek, former head of school, Charles Armstrong School, Belmont, CA, Now

images-4“As an educator with forty-two years of experience, with half of those supporting dyslexic learners, I cannot think of a more valuable and insightful resource for parents and teachers to empower dyslexic kids. As a dyslexic adult myself, and the Head of an independent school for dyslexics, I know Ben’s wisdom is dead-on and I recommend this to any parent.” — Muir Meredith, Head of School, Westmark School, Encino, California

gornotempini-2“I study dyslexia in the lab and am a parent of a wonderful daughter who fits this profile. Ben Foss’s book should be considered essential to any collection on the subject. It was extremely useful, especially for a mom. Thank you!”—Maria Luisa Gorno Tempini, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology, UCSF, Memory and Aging Center

From our readers:

“The new motto at our house is, “If Ben Foss can do it, you can, too!”. You are a household name at my house along with other greats that happen to have dyslexia hard wiring. Wearing our dyslexia like a super hero cape and believing that books like yours (and a life story like yours) will pave the way for students (and adults) to come. Thank you for being so candid, Ben. Lives are about to change dramatically because you took a step forward.” —Christie A.

“My son was diagnosed with dyslexia over 6 years ago. He has been in many programs to help his eye reading but now at 14 years old I knew it was time to put the focus on technology. Thank you for your book. It was exactly what I needed…God is good! Thank you!” —Robyn M.

“My son was just identified as dyslexic, and your book is so amazingly empowering! I feel excited and energized to help him learn.” —Karen W.

“I am reading your book out loud to myself… and laughing out loud! My son has dyslexia (moderate to severe) and I am fighting for accommodations for him. I am reading your book as fast as I possibly can! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge it’s giving me back my power as a parent.” —Tess M.

“You have changed the dynamic of my household with your book. My son is 6 and struggling with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, which he inherited from my husband. My husband is an adult whose dyslexia was ignored growing up and he struggles as an adult in the workforce today. Your book has helped me understand the boys in my life so much better, as it was difficult for me to understand their struggles. (I’m a writer!). So thank you for your easy to read, candid and most importantly, HONEST book. You’ll change lives with this. Thank you.” —Marisa G.

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