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From Publisher’s Weekly:

publishers-weeklyIn a passionate and well-articulated guide that puts to rest the idea that dyslexic people are unintelligent, disabilities advocate Foss (himself dyslexic and the creator of Intel Reader, a text-to-speech device) describes dyslexia as a characteristic and a disability that should be accommodated in the same way as blindness or mobility issues. Foss reframes the use of film, audiobooks, and material read aloud as “ear-reading,” in contrast to the “eye-reading” that is the educational standard. Though, as Foss notes, eye-reading is a useful skill that can be improved by teaching methods like Orton-Gillingham, by mid-elementary school, dyslexic students should be accommodated with auditory materials. Read more…

From Stanford Magazine: 


The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence and Love of Learning, BEN FOSS, JD ’03, MBA ’03; Ballantine Books, $27. Since the dyslexic brain learns differently—connecting the sound of language to written words is difficult—one key, notes the author, is to emphasize “ear reading” over “eye reading.” To that end, Foss, whose own experience with dyslexia informs this guide, invented a mobile device that photographs texts and reads them aloud. He emphasizes that dyslexia is not a disease to be cured and asserts that dyslexic people tend to have innate skills in verbal, social, spatial, kinesthetic, visual, mathematical or musical pursuits. As a successful entrepreneur and public speaker, Foss demonstrates his point.

From the Parents Education Network:


Ben Foss contributes significantly to a growing body of literature shifting the educational paradigm for students identified with learning disabilities. Ben speaks from the experience of a student identified with dyslexia and shares not only his personal journey, but masterfully compiled a hugely helpful list of resources. He offers reasoned and well researched suggestions about what to do, when and how. He proposes ways to approach your child’s learning profile and how to best access support.  He provides a thorough and understandable outline of the laws regulating accommodations and IEPs – something parents, even those of us who are lawyers, find confounding.  And no one does a better job of promoting and explaining the important role of assistive technology than Ben. For all of these reasons, The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan is a must-read. Read more…


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